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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strawberry Pilsner Homebrew Recipe

So I've discovered that I can't post files on here unless I host the whole thing on a different server.  That's definitely not gonna happen because that's more money I could spend on brewing equipment.  In any case, I guess I'll just post text versions of recipes, and if anyone wants spreadsheets or whatever, email me and I'll send it to you.  Sorry if the formatting isn't the best.  I'll work on it.  (That was probably a lie.)

Here's the goods.  This is one of the most recent beers I've made.  It's tremendous (if you like strawberries).  It's hoppy and has a strong strawberry aroma, but very little strawberry taste, just a slight strawberry aftertaste.  It has a lot of mouthfeel if you're into that sort of thing.  It's probably pretty self-evident, but in case you can't figure it out on your own: women LOVE this beer.  You should make some.

Strawberry Pilsner

8# Weyermann Pilsner 2-row barley malt (Lov. 1.3)

1# Weyermann Carahell 2-row barley malt (Lov. 9-13)

1# fresh strawberries


.5 oz. U.K. Phoenix hops (a = 10%) - 60 minutes, bittering boil

.5 oz. U.K. Phoenix hops (a = 10%) - 30 minutes, bittering boil

1 oz. Willamette hops (a = 5.1%) - 0 minutes, dry-hop (in hot wort)


.5 t Irish moss - 10 minutes, boil


American Ale Yeast


Original Gravity: 1.0474653 (adjusted to 60ºF)

Terminal Gravity: 1.01046534 (adjusted to 60ºF)

Alcohol by Weight: 3.86917%

Alcohol by Volume: 4.92401%

Alcohol by Volume after topping to 5 gal: 4.43161%



Day 0 (21 DEC 2008)

Add 11 qts of 138ºF water to the crushed grain.  Stir, stabilize and hold at 130ºF for 30 minutes.  Add 6-8 qts boiling water to bring to 150ºF.  Stabilize and hold at 150-154ºF for 60 minutes.


After conversion, raise temperature to 167ºF.  Sparge with 168ºF water to collect up to 6 gallons of wort.  Bring to boil. 


Crush strawberries and set aside.  Add hops and Irish moss according to schedule above. 


Activate ale yeast.  Quickly cool wort to 65-70ºF; when it reaches 150ºF, add crushed strawberries; top up with water if necessary; aerate and transfer to fermenter.  Ferment 7 days. 

S.G.: 1.0474653  (adjusted to 60ºF)


Day 7 (27 DEC 2008)

Rack beer to sanitized fermenter; take s.g. reading. 

S.G.: 1.010

Temp: 63ºF

S.G.:  1.01046534 (adjusted to 60ºF)


Clarify an additional 1-2 weeks.


Day 13 (2 JAN 2009)

Rack beer to sanitized keg; take s.g. reading. 



S.G.:   (adjusted to 60ºF)


Top up to 5 gallons.  Boil 2.5 oz. corn sugar together with 1 cup water and add to beer.  Siphon to keg.  Condition at least 2 weeks

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