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Monday, January 26, 2009

I have blog now. It will be about all the beer I make.

I'm mostly going to post about homebrewing.  I like all-grain brewing, so that's what I do.  Most of the recipes I steal from other people and then change.  Probably 50% of the beers I have ever made were disgusting.  That's mostly due to an ill-advised decision to start making up recipes very early in the learning process.  I'm getting better now, though, and lately they've all been pretty good.  

I try to brew once a week; however, I have a super hurting setup, so it takes me like 5 or 6 hours to do a five gallon batch.  I don't mind so much, but sometimes my girlfriend wants to hang out with me on weekends (because she loves me), so I can't make beer every weekend.  No biggie though.  

I'll probably post all the recipes I've ever made along with all the really insightful notes I've taken because, you know, the internet is free, right?  I've started using Apple's spreadsheet software (it's called Numbers, which is a stupid name) to do my recipes because I like it.  If anyone ever reads this blog and wants to open one of the Numbers files, but they don't have a Mac, then that will be too bad.  They could probably email me though, and I'll send them something in Excel or Fortran or whatever they like (probably not Fortran though).  

I'll put some pictures up one day too.  

-Sudsy McDrinkin'

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