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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pale Ale Recipe

This recipe is pretty good.  It's a basic pale ale.  No frills, nice hop flavor & aroma, but not overpowering.  Pretty easy to drink.  

Pale Ale


8# Muntons Pale malt (Pearl)

1# Weyermann Vienna 2-row barley malt


.5 oz. U.K. Phoenix hops (a = 10.0%) - 60 minutes, bittering boil

.625 oz. U.K. Phoenix hops (a = 10.0%) - 30 minutes, bittering boil

1 oz. Willamette hops (a = 5.1%) - 0 minutes, dry-hop


.5 t Irish moss - 10 minutes, boil


American Ale & Belgian Saison Yeast


Original Gravity: 1.0548714(adjusted to 60ºF)

Terminal Gravity: 1.0134653 (adjusted to 60ºF)

Alcohol by Weight: 4.37446%

Alcohol by Volume: 5.58359%

Alcohol by Volume after topping to 5 gal: 5.02523%



Day 0 (13 DEC 2008)

Add 11 qts of 138ºF water to the crushed grain.  Stir, stabilize and hold at 130ºF for 30 minutes.  Add 6-8 qts boiling water to bring to 150ºF.  Stabilize and hold at 150-154ºF for 60 minutes.


After conversion, raise temperature to 167ºF.  Sparge with 170ºF water to collect up to 6 gallons of wort.  Bring to boil. 


Add hops and Irish moss according to schedule above. 


Activate yeast.  Quickly cool wort to 65-70ºF, top up with water if necessary, aerate and transfer to fermenter.  Ferment 7 days. 

S.G.:  1.0548714 (adjusted to 60ºF)


Day 7 (21 DEC 2008)

Rack beer to sanitized fermenter; take s.g. reading. 

S.G.: 1.011

Temp: 67ºF

S.G.: 1.0118714  (adjusted to 60ºF)


Clarify and additional 1-2 weeks.


Day 13 (27 DEC 2008)

Rack beer to sanitized keg; take s.g. reading. 

S.G.: 1.013

Temp: 63ºF

S.G.: 1.0134653  (adjusted to 60ºF)


Top up to 5 gallons. Siphon to keg.  Tap immediately.



Good stuff.  After a few days under pressure, really tasty.  Nothing special, just a solid, slightly hoppy, pale ale.

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